Taiwan gets U.S. committment amidst Chinese aggression in South China sea

Taiwan gets U.S. committment

” Taiwan gets U.S. committment against Chinese aggression in the South China sea as Beijing has threatned to take the island forcibly if necessary”. Yes we have a commitment to do that”, U.S. president Joe Biden told CNN amid tensions in theSouth China sea. He said the United States would come to defense of Taiwan if the island were

by the Chinese, which it claims as his territory. Biden’s statement was at odd with a long

U.S. President Joe Biden
U.S. President Joe Biden

term U.S. policy known as “Straregic ambiguity”, where Washington aids Taiwan to build its defense

but doesnot extensively promise to come for its help. When U.S. media questioned Biden’s willingness

to defend Taiwan, he replied saying tha America has the most powerful military in the history of the

world and China, Russia rest of the world clearly knows it. His single message through the U.S. media

was that United Sates doesnot want a cold war with China, the U.S. is just abiding to its promise give

to Taiwan.

Taiwan is an independent nation and U.S. is just abiding to its promise to Taiwan. Biden is not the first American president

to vow its commitment to defend Taiwan. In April,2001, George.w.Bush said,U.S. would do, “Whatever it took to help Taiwan

defend herself in the event of attack by China, Yes…… we do and the Chinese must understand it”. But Biden’s latest statement

is at a very sensitive time when the military tensions between Taiwan and China are at their worst in last 40 years.

Why Taiwan gets U.S. committment ?

Taiwan gets U.S. committment

Taiwanese Defence minister, Chiu Kuo Cheng, said this month that China claims Taiwan as it owns territory and

would take it forcibly  if necessary, while Taiwan says it is a de-facto independent country and will defend its Freedom

and Democracy. The minister further added in a firm and alarming tone, if the Chinese ambitions and expansionism

are not curtailed in the South China sea, China would be capable of waging a “Full-Scale invasion” of 2025 which

was disclosed from a leaked C.C.P report of its destined world domination. However, the Taiwanese counterpart

said that it will show a firm determination to defend itself, Presidential office spokesperson, Xavier Chang, said in

a statement, nothing also the Biden’s continued concrete to show its “rock solid” support is worth praiseworthy. He

ended saying that the world democracies show unite in order to put a full stop to the Chinese aggression, unilateralism, expansionism

which are grave dangers for the peaceful world community.

Taiwan gets U.S. committment and significance of ‘strategy of ambiguity’

Strategy of Ambiguity is a policy that serves two essential interest of the U.S. national intersts- subsataining a peaceful Status quo and

maintaing working relationship with both Taiwan and China. But these objections appear to be irreconciable as Taiwan and China are

in a midst of a prolonged conflict. China claims the island as a part of the sovereign state of People’s Republic of China(PRC) and Taipei

maintains that its goverment, the Republic of China is itself an independent and sovereign state.

This frustrates both sides, the present

status quo. However, successful incorporation of Taiwan excludes the PRC, and sovereign recognition in the international system includes

the ROC. The strategic ambiguity makes the “dual detterence” in which the both sides are dettered from endangering the staus quo. Thus,

Taiwan is dettered from upsetting the staus quo with the assurance that it will be supported only in the case of unprovoked attack from the

Chinese. At the same time, the mainland is dettered from unilaterally changing the staus quo due to the possibility if  U.S. intervention

as it is assured by the U.S. support for Taiwan.

Chinese reactions to the recent U.S. statements of committment to Taiwan

People's Republic of China
People’s Republic of China

Spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin, reasserted China’s longstanding claim that the island is its territory at a daily briefing. He further said, there is no room for

the Taiwan issue. No one should underestimate Beijing’s strong determination, firm will and

strong ability to defend its national sovereignty and territorial integrity. He further added,”Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory, the issue with it is purely an internal affair of China that allows no foreign intervention. He alerted the U.S. saying,” the U.S. should be cautious with its words and actions on the Taiwan issue and not send any wrong message to the seperatist forces of Taiwan’s independence from the People’s Republic of China, so as not to seriously damage China-U.S. relations and peace and stablity in the Taiwan strait.”

China and Taiwan split during the civil war in 1949, when the members of Kuomintang party fled to the island after losing the war to the Communists and fear of being executed by them. However, the modern day Taiwan is now a fully developed industrial state with a strong military to defend it from foreign invasions and China sees this development as a potential threat to its interests in the South China sea as in the name of supporting Taiwan the U.S. is increasing its presence and domination in the South China sea and the Indo-Pacific. Earlier the U.S. cut formal diplomatic relations with Taipei in 1979 in an attempt to smoothen its relations with the Communist China. Therefore, the U.S. doesn’t openly accepts the Chinese claims but is commited by a law to ensure  Chinese sovereignty.

A de-classified report-

A de-classified report says that U.S. already has troops deployed in Taiwan to assist and train the Taiwanese armed forces. This seems to be a heart relieving situation for the stability of the region because it curbs the Chinese imperialism in the region further strong detterence to China’s aggression will strengthen the relevance of QUAD which has been formed to maintain the international order in the strategically important region of the Indo-Pacific.



Chinese proactive actions in the South China sea
Chinese expansionism
Chinese expansionism

Under President Xi Jingping regime, who is the head of C.C.P and head of Chinese defence

forces, China has been pressurising Taiwan with its military, economic and diplomatic might. On its National Day, China sent a record of 149 military aircrafts south-west of Taiwan in a strike-group formation, forcing Taiwan to intercept the aircrafts and activating its SAMs. China has recently held a beach landing exercise on its side roughly 160 km wide Taiwan strait, that like aircraft invasion , described as a warning to the administration of the Taiwan’s independence-minded President Tsai Ing-Wen. These proactive actions from the Chinese side embodies its intention to launch a full-scale military invasion of 2025.


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