Putin and war in Ukraine will heat-up due to Western tank aid to Kyiv, says Russian media

Putin and war in Ukraine will fuel-up due to western aid
Ukraine abrams tank
Ukraine abrams tank, USA
Leopard tanks to Ukraine
Leopard tanks to Ukraine, Germany
Challenger 2 tank, UK
Challenger 2 tank, UK
French light tanks, leclerec
French light tanks, leclerec

Putin and war in Ukraine will further intensify, if the influx of Western weapons continues, says the Russian state media. Accordingly, the above mentioned pics are of (Main Battle Tanks) of USA, UK, Germany, France, respectively. For the sake, of defending Ukraine’s independence, they will together form the tank aid to Kyiv. Identically, these tanks are, M1A1 Abrams(USA), Leopard 2(Germany), Challenger 2(UK), Leclerec(France).

Conversely, after the tank aid was approved. The Kremlin, on last Thrusday, issued a chilling statement. It is, “The decision by the Western countries to supply Ukraine with modern tanks meant, they were party to the conflict”. As a result, its not a peace attempt, but to further aggrevate Putin and war in Ukraine.

It seems that Russia is quite worried after the NATO nations have pledged for more lethal weaponery for Ukraine.

In order to have a greater understanding of this topic. lets dive deeper into it !

why Putin and war in Ukraine will fuel-up due to Western tank-aid?

Russia-Ukraine war footage
Russia-Ukraine war footage (Viacheslav Ratynskyi/Reuters)

In an interview, NATO officials said that the Western tanks such as Abrams, Leopard 2, will boost Ukraine’s defenses. The donations of such tanks are an act of solidarity of the West to Ukraine’s war against Russia. As a result, those war-machines will strangle Putin’s forces advances on the frontlines. On the other hand, the Kremlin has warned the West for such deliveries, owing to a possible escalation of the conflict. Reports say, Russia has strongly denounced the tank deliveries to Ukraine.

This aggresiveness is reflected in the speech of the Kremlin spokesperson, Dmirty Peskov. Dmitri says, “The potential such tanks gives to the Ukrainian armed forces is clearly exaggerated”, “Those tanks will burn just like any others”. Conversley, such armor cannot stop Russia from achieving its goals in Ukraine.

Some Russian experts also emphasized on the fact that such weaponery will be relatively limited and dealyed in supply. But one thing is clear that it will raise stakes for Putin and war in Ukraine.

Moreover, Western tanks will Ukraine an upper-hand against Russia in tank battle because these tanks are made and equipped with 21st century’s tech as opposed to the Russian counterparts which are based on old Soviet era tech, except the T-14 Armata. But that tank is in its testing phase. Consequently, deployment of those on frontlines is far from reality. As, Moscow has got limited production capability.

Russia-Ukraine war news: Putin and war in Ukraine takes a bloody turn, lots of Russians soldiers killed in battle of Soledar

Russisa-Ukraine war footage
Russia-Ukraine war footage

According to the Ukranian intellegence, more than a 100 Russian soldiers have been killed in the battle of Soledar. Shortly, after the Ukranians launched missile strikes on the enemy troops. According to the Ukranian military command, after the group of Russian soldiers were identified, artillery fires were directed to the concentration of Russian troops. Correspondily, ‘Tochka-U’ missile was also used in that artillery fire.

Surprsingly, in addition to Russian troops, their mechanized infantry equipments were also destroyed. Regardless of such deadly strikes, fierce battles still ravages between the Ukranian forces and the Russian forces and the private Russian mercenary ‘Wagner’ group.

This is image of the conflict projected by the Ukranian side.

The Russian side is showing an entirely different scene. In an interview, Russian defence minister, ‘Shergei Shoigu’ claimed that about 500 Ukranian soldiers have been in this Soledar battle after a very brutal fight. ‘Yevgeny Prigozhin’, head of ‘Wagner group’ and a close ally of Putin said that his soldiers have captured all of Soledar.

In a media interview, he says,”I want to confirm the complete liberation and cleanising of the territory of Soledar.” “The whole city is littered with the corposes of the Ukranian soldiers”.

Ukranian President Zelensky
Ukranian President Volodomyr Zelensky

However, the Ukranian President ‘Volodomyr Zelensky’ has mocked the previous Wagner group head’s claims about Soledar, but hasn’t made an immediate comment on the latest assertions. As far as now, the situation in Soledar remains ambigiuos for both sides. But one thing is clear that fight will continue much longer and more brutal.

Russia-ukraine war footage

Is Putin nuclear threat to the West over the tank aid real or just hoax?

Putin nuclear warning to the West
Putin nuclear warning to the West

Putin nuclear warning to the West is real and not just a hoax, says Kremlin. The Russian president by warning the West told that he won’t hesitate to use nuclear weapons . If Ukraine attempted to reclaim control of Moscow occupied areas that the Kremlin has or is about to annex. In recent times, Russia’s nuclear doctrine has come under close scrutiny and suspect.

Particularly, when Russia claimed that such weapons could be used, more precisley a ‘tactical nuke’, on the battlefield of Ukraine. A tactical nuclear weapon is for use in combat, as opposed to the larger strategic ones, which are designed to cause heavy loss. Though the Putin nuclear threat is real, yet Russia has asserted several in media saying, “Under no circumstances will use the weapons first and would not threaten anyone with its arsenal.”

Putin further adds,” We have not gone mad, we are aware of what nuclear weapons are”, “We aren’t about to run around the world brandishing this weapon like a razor”.

But all these claims of Kremlin as just verbal. On the other hand, we saw Russian military officials openly discussing in media that how a low intensify nuke can devastate Ukraine. The idea behind it was to use such weapons, particularly, when the weather of the region helps in the spread of nuclear radiation. Thus, weaponising weather to devastate Ukraine.

Putin nuclear threat to the West, critical analysis

Putin Russia-Ukraine war news: Analysis of Putin’s point of view of this war!

Russia warns US of stop arming Ukraine
Russia warns US of stop arming Ukraine

Putin Russia-Ukraine war news: says, Vladimir Putin believes Russia is not to be blamed for the war in Ukraine. Its so because both nations are sharing the same tragedy. During a television address with senior military officials, Putin said he contiues to see Ukraine as “brotherly nation”.

Putin further agrues that this war is the result of the poilcy of third countries. Particularly, the theory which speaks of West’s expansion. He adds that the West has ” brainwashed” post Soviet republics, starting with Ukraine. He says. “For years, we tried to build good-neighbourly relations with Ukraine, offering loans and cheap energy, but it didnot work. “There is nothing to accuse us of. We’ve Ukranians as brotherly people and I still think so. What’s happening now is  a tragedy.

But its not our fault. Contrary, NATO goals are to challenge Russian expansion after WW2, but the Kremlin has rebuffed NATO’s acceptance of former Soviet allies as its memebers. Its so beacuse it threatens Russia’s national security.

Thus, this is what Vladimir Putin says and views Ukraine war causes. According to him, the worsening of the situations is only the result of the West.

Is Putin and the war in Ukraine has lost it hold, is it really so?

Putin and the war in Ukraine is losing its hold
Putin and the war in Ukraine is losing its hold

Various analysts, claim that Putin and war in Ukraine is losing its hold, it may even turn into a disaster. Its, so because the plan of this invasion was just a few months but now it has streched to more than an year. Therefore, Putin is nervous, eventhough the Russian forces have shown some advances.

Surprisingly, a nervous and losing Putin is lashing up with even more venomous-schemes. There have been reports claiming that Russians are terrorizing the Ukranians in the annexed areas. Though, the Russians have somehow managed to annex some areas of Ukraine, yet the Ukranians have shown their valour, proving that the will not be easily intimidated.

A Russian political scientist and academic formely based in st.Petersburg told that it will catastrophic for Putin and war in Ukriane as Putin has banked all of Russia’s global capital to win the war agaisnt Ukraine. She sys.”The very fact that Russia is still waging this war, despite its apparent defeat in March(when its forces withdrew from Kyiv), indicates that Putin is desperate not to lose, losing is not an option for him”

She further adds on saying,”I think already everyone, including Putin, realized that even tactical nuclear weapons will not solve the problem Russia. They cannot just stop (the) Ukranian army, it’s impossible. Tactical weapons…. cannot decisively change(the) situation on the ground.”

Thus, if this war continues for long, its will definitely prove a disaster for Putin and Russia, beacuse it will drain away the national resources of Russia, which already facing tight cuffs of Western sanctions since 2014.

As far as, the concern of, how Russia-Ukraine war will end!, its only possible when the both reside to peace-talks, facing each other’s conerns bilaterally, only then this issue can be solved, and the West should respect Russia’s sovereignty and national security for a more peaceful and stabilized world. As, is rightly said “Conflict bring only despair and loss of hope”.

How US views to end the Russia-Ukraine war!

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